Welcome from the Executive Headteacher & Head of School

I amTyler Maher delighted to be Executive Head Teacher of Cleeve Meadow and Cleeve Park Schools and excited to have Cleeve Meadow School co-located on Cleeve Park School’s site. I feel passionately about inclusivity for all students and proud that we are leading the way in partnership working, closing barriers that may exist for our SEND students and opening doors within the mainstream education setting to maximise potential. 

The variety of opportunities available to Cleeve Meadow students is enhanced greatly due to the co-location of the school and our ability to share expertise and resources.

Mrs Jenni Tyler-Maher
Executive Head Teacher




I am proud to be appointed to be Head of School at this ambitious new provision and excited to be working with a dedicated and experienced team of staff to deliver the highest possible standards of education and experience for our wonderful students.

At the heart of everything we do are our students. Our curriculum is student-centred and we aim for their education to be inspiring, stimulating and challenging. Our staff are appointed for their passion, their enthusiasm and their imagination in communicating with children to ensure that every single child in their class is engaged, excited and challenged by the learning experience at all times.

Enrichment and personal development are important goals for us and we aim to ensure that our students have the life experiences they need to develop into confident and self-assured young people who feel part of their local communities, have an understanding of national institutions and an interest in global issues. Our vision is to empower students so that they are able to take control of their own future and have enhanced life chances as a result of learning with us.

Our leadership team all have a background in SEND and our teaching model, curriculum offer, enrichment activities, building design, behaviour management approaches, local partnerships and lesson structure are all planned to enable all students to achieve their best potential.

We hope to facilitate a high level of parental engagement through coffee mornings, parent workshops, parent evenings and celebration events in order to ensure that we are truly engaging our local community and enabling everyone to have a role in ensuring the best possible standards.

Happiness is one of our core values and we look forward to welcoming your child into this happy, inclusive and ambitious school environment.


Ms Juliet Morris
Head of School