Curriculum Subject Maps
Year 7



The Art Curriculum at Cleeve Meadow School is an opportunity for students to discover a love for the techniques and processes used by artists around the world and also understand how artists convey their thoughts, feelings and messages. Our curriculum is designed to be fun but also to build skill and understanding in a range of artistic techniques including, paint, collage, print, clay and other 3D techniques.

Many students demonstrate amazing ability in Art, design, the use of colour and self expression and it is our job to harness and channel these skills so that the students are enabled to produce tangible results.

Art is also a great tool for developing fine motor skills, building coordination and training the eye to observe keenly. We also never miss a chance to use Art as a vehicle of discussion and a means of exploring issues and opinions.

Art Programme of Study

Design and Technology


The Design Technology curriculum at Cleeve Meadow school covers a range of subjects including Product Design, Textiles and Food Technology. Students are able to use our new workshop facilities to manufacture the project brief outcomes and to create a variety of working prototypes. Students are also taught simple computer aided design (CAD) software which allows them to produce accurate and precise outcomes using computer aided machines such as the laser cutter and circuit maker.


DT Programme of Study


At Cleeve Meadow School we are keen to ensure that our students have the same access to important literary knowledge and cultural reference as their peers in mainstream settings. We are working with the KS3 Mastery curriculum to build understanding of important texts and correct use of grammar in writing. We accept that this will require a high degree of adaptation and differentiation in order to make the learning accessible to students. Our English curriculum also offers a functional writing programme so that students can build their confidence to interact within current society and access services and support.

English Programme of Study


Geography Programme of Study

History Programme of Study

ICT Programme of Study

MFL Programme of Study

Music Programme of Study

Outdoor Programme of Study

RE Programme of Study

Science Programme of Study