Assessment at Cleeve Meadow

We strive to ensure that teachers, students and parents are all working together to raise attainment and achievement for all of our students. We believe that effective assessment, recording and reporting is an integral part to the teaching and learning process and enables students to make continuous progress. We believe that assessment should meet our information needs in sufficient detail but must be manageable in terms of teacher workload and wellbeing. We believe that assessment should be positive, constructive and conducted in a sensitive manner. We give our students regular feedback in a way that is meaningful for them and involve them in self and peer assessment.

 Aims and Objectives.

  • To provide a picture of the whole child and their unique learning style.
  • To help teachers to make well-founded judgements and to plan work that accurately reflects the needs of each student;
  • To ensure that all students are actively engaged in reflecting on their achievement, progress and next steps
  • To provide consistency of approach between staff assessing the student.
  • To provide regular information for parents/carers that enables them to support their child’s learning
  • To enable leaders to track progress of individuals and groups of students over time.
  • To provide the leadership group and governors with information that allows them to make judgements about the effectiveness of the school

Our baselining procedures take place in the first few weeks of the Autumn term for all year groups. We try to ensure that this process is as stress free as possible for the students and all staff are there to support them through the process. Students take an online STAR reading test which provides us with a reading age and profile for the students. We also use Pira Puma Maths test and a writing standardisation activity for English. All other subjects are currently developing their own teacher level descriptors and we will assess students through their classwork.

We have been reviewing our assessment procedures and are now in the process of moving to our new ‘Meadow Pathway’. This pathway has been devised through consultation with the Specialist Learning Partnership which is a group of 12 SEN schools who meet regularly to review practice and support development.  Please see the conversion table below which maps our A-Z achievement grades against other levelling systems.

Capture 15