Curriculum Implementation

To achieve these aims, Cleeve Meadow implements a curriculum which includes four key elements:

  • The Academic Curriculum
  • The Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum
  • The Therapeutic Curriculum
  • The Enriched Curriculum

We believe that our four-part curriculum framework provides learning opportunities that are highly personalised and flexible and which capitalise on the students’ strengths and interests as well as meeting their individual needs. We are committed to ensuring that all and all subjects of the National Curriculum are valued. The curriculum schemes of work are designed to build on our students’ prior knowledge and to enable them to embed and generalise skills across different contexts. The schemes of work also offer challenge to stretch and extend each individual student.

The personal, social and emotional development of students is viewed as essential for preparing them to play as full and active part in society as possible. The PSHE and Sex and Relationship curriculum schemes prepare students for life beyond school by helping them to develop a healthy and safe lifestyle, the ability to reflect upon and manage their own personal feelings and behaviours, good relationships with others and respect for diversity.

Students access programmes developed by a range of multi-agency professionals as highlighted in the Education and Health Care Plans. These include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy. A purpose built hub within the school supported by Learning Mentor to enable students to access a calm space when needed to either study or self-regulate or work through individual therapeutic play session linked to the THRIVE approach.  

Our enrichment programme is open to all students and includes a wide range of educational trips and visits linked to the curriculum, guest speakers; fund raising activities and charity projects, frequent musical and dramatic performances and competitive and non-competitive sports. Residential trips such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and outward bound courses extend their daily experiences and develop self-help and independence skills and build confidence, self-esteem and an appreciation of teamwork. Learning outside the classroom is a key feature of the enriched curriculum and includes Forest School which is designed to enable students to explore and discover for themselves, experience appropriate risk and challenge, and enable them to make choices and to initiate and drive their own learning and development.

In addition to the above, all students are able to access a range of inclusive after school clubs run by staff at Cleeve Park and supported by staff from Cleeve School.

Curriculum Impact

Our curriculum is evaluated against our values and aims. We ensure that we track our students’ progress in all subjects and against their personalised learning plans linked to their EHCP’s. We regularly review its impact on teaching and learning and make adaptations to changes as necessary. recognise that the students themselves are central to our curriculum design and evaluation.

To obtain more information about the Cleeve Meadow Curriculum, please contact Juliet Morris via