Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Cleeve Meadow Curriculum

Our core purpose is to prepare students for their life journey enabling them to reach their potential to be confident, independent, thoughtful and ambitious young adults.

Curriculum Intent

We strive to ensure that our curriculum meets the holistic needs of all our students, facilitates their success and enjoyment and inspires them to become confident life-long learners who are able to fully participate in, and contribute to, society. We believe that our curriculum design should provide broad, balanced and meaningful learning experiences.


In achieving our core purpose, we recognise that in order to prepare students for their life journey, academic achievement is one of the most important determining factors of future success in adult life. 

We ensure that students have access to the full range of subjects available at KS3 in mainstream settings in recognition that this will facilitate the range of qualification options available to them at KS4.

Our mission is to ensure that students make the maximum amount of academic progress possible at both KS3 and 4 in order to ensure that we exploit all opportunities of taking GCSE exams and BTECs at KS4, enabling students to set high ambitions for the future.

Our School Values are central to our ethos and are embedded within our curriculum. 

Positivity        Empowerment          Wellbeing

We believe that every student is entitled to a supportive educational experience which enables them to approach their learning with positivity and confidence. Our aim is to ensure that all students adopt a growth mindset approach to overcoming hurdles and taking on new challenges. We are supported with this by ‘Action Your Potential’ which helps students to understand how their brain works and develop a healthy mindset for learning. 

We celebrate diversity and individuality and ensure everyone has their voice heard and valued. We are committed to empowering our learners to develop confidence and autonomy, to take ownership of their own learning and control over their lives. We support our learners to be honest and reflective and encourage them to enjoy the freedom to take risks and to learn from their mistakes.  We are passionate and ambitious about learning and progress and strive to promote a culture of aspiration, effort and resilience. 

We recognise that all our learners do best when they are confident, feel safe and and engaged in their learning. Our focus on wellbeing not only supports students to develop an understanding of the importance of healthy habits, but also provides them with the tools and language to support self regulation, through specifically targets lessons and yoga activities. 

Curriculum Implementation

To achieve these aims, Cleeve Meadow implements a curriculum which includes three key elements:

  • Communication
  • Skills for Life
  • Carving Pathways

We are working towards the following outcomes for our students


  • Qualifications
  • Career Pathways
  • Skills for life
  • Healthy Relationships

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Curriculum Aims

To achieve our vision, our curriculum aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for all students to make excellent progress through learning and achieve challenging targets
  • Develop the student’s literacy, numeracy, communication and independence skills and their ability to apply them in relevant situations
  • Ensure all students are enabled to access the cultural capital of their mainstream peers and to develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement and to encourage self-expression and imagination.
  • Effectively scaffold the students’ personal development, physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Actively promote the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Actively promote the fundamental British Values through active participation and community projects, PHSE and RE
  • Provide students with exciting and engaging opportunities across a range of stimulating contexts including learning outside the classroom
  • Offer an inclusive programme of extra-curricular activities to enhance and enrich the curriculum
  • Offer a wide range of accredited courses to ensure best possible outcomes for students
  • Support the students to carve pathways to the future through the development of skills talents and interests
  • Prepare all students for the successful transition to further education, employment and adult life, enabling students to live as independently as possible through our careers and life-skills programme

 Curriculum Impact

Our curriculum is evaluated against our values and aims. We ensure that we track our students’ progress in all subjects and against their EHCP targets. We regularly review impact on teaching and learning through a range of assessment measures, and make adaptations and changes as necessary. We recognise that the students themselves are central to our curriculum design and evaluation and actively seek their views through School Council and the Classroom Leaders.

To obtain more information about the Cleeve Meadow Curriculum, please contact the school office.