Covid19 Information and Updates

Here we will provide a range of information regarding the operation of Cleeve Meadow School and student expectations during any period of lock-down or isolation.

School Operation

As all of our students have Educational Health Care Plans and are classed as ‘vulnerable’ they are entitled to attend school during periods of national lock-down.

You may be aware that the government has announced it will be applying a ‘contingency framework’ for education and childcare settings to primary schools in areas of the country with very high rates of incidence or transmission of the virus. Bexley Borough is an area with very high rates of incidence. Please see detail regarding the contingency framework below.

The contingency framework:

This framework is designed to act as a containment measure where:

  • there is extremely high prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Where the contingency framework is implemented, students at special schools who are of secondary school age should continue to attend their education setting full-time. Whilst attendance is encouraged, it will not be mandatory and parents will not be penalised if their child does not attend.

As a school it is currently our position that with the present borough wide rates of infection, presently home is the safest option.