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Online Fair Play:

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Whatever the outcome of England’s semi-final versus Denmark tonight, Gareth Southgate’s team have given English football fans much cause for optimism this summer. Aside from their obvious footballing talents, the humility, diversity and social awareness among this group of young men has been a source of pride and admiration.

Supportive, positive and dignified, their conduct on and off the field has set a superb example for young people to aspire to in their own lives – including, of course, their behaviour online. Our final football-themed #WakeUpWednesday guide of the tournament has essential tips for children to help them be their best selves when they’re on the internet.


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Online Fair Play

Just like most of us try to respect other people’s feelings in everyday life, it’s also true that there are standards of behaviour in online interactions. Also like in the ‘real’ world, not everyone we speak to on the internet will share our point of view. To avoid causing harm or offence, we all need to consider our use of language, our tone and our actions when communicating with others.

Our #WakeUpWednesday guide this week is a football-themed introduction to these concepts of appropriate behaviour – or fair play – when we’re online. It has some basic tips which will help children and young people to appreciate how to be good digital citizens: polite, courteous, truthful, positive and kind.

Your Online Safety News

This week, we have included news on Norway’s attempt to lessen online body image issues, Dr Alex’s plea to online trolls and Twitter’s action against online abuse.



Woman “devastated” to find her image used in deepfake porn



Online abuse: Twitter suspends certain accounts tweeting the monkey emoji


Fnatic launches first ever safeguarding policy for esport industry


Sad Woman at Laptop
Twitter Logo on Phone

Helen Mort from Sheffield has spoken out about the shame and horror of finding her face had been used to create deepfake pornography.


The social giant has been suspending accounts that post football-related tweets that include the monkey emoji in a bid to fight online racism.


The esports brand is “spearheading the conversation and development of safeguarding in pro gaming” with the launch of the first-ever safeguarding policy for professional gaming.



Primary school has Twitter account suspended over “mindless hooliganism”



Former Love Island star speaks out against online trolls



Body image: Norway introduces new law on filtered posts


Dr Alex George
Social Media Influencer

Leaders at Flakefleet Primary School had to deactivate its official Twitter account after a football-themed video caused controversy online.


Dr Alex George is urging people to “be kind” after the new series of Love Island sparked a wave of online abuse just days after the first episode aired.


Social media influencers in Norway will have to announce when they have used a filter on their content in a bid to “reduce body pressure” among young people.


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