Pupil premium strategy statement

Pupil premium strategy statement - 2019 to 2020

School overview



 School name

Cleeve Meadow School

Pupils in school


Proportion of disadvantaged pupils


Pupil premium allocation this academic year


Academic year or years covered by statement

2019 2020

Publish date

May 2020.

Review date

September 2020

Statement authorised by

Chair of Governors P Smith

Pupil premium lead

Juliet Morris

Governor lead

Peter Smith

Disadvantaged pupil barriers to success

Background not rich in literacy or vocabulary therefore engagement with reading and text is limited, range of vocabulary is limited.

Limited cultural capital which can lead to lack of ambition or understanding of opportunities in the wider world

Outcomes and progress can be significantly related to, for example, emotional literacy, behaviour support or physical development, and the school needs to be strong at identifying the barriers that each individual PP student faces.

Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils - academic achievement


Evidence of impact

Target date

Pupils make at least expected progress in literacy

Closure in the Reading age  gap between PP and non PP students

July 2020

Improve writing performance of PP pupils

50% of all PP pupils make good progress in writing with no pupils making less than requires improvement

July 2020

Pupils make one assessment stage of progress in Maths

PP students make at least one B squared level of progress in an academic year

July 2020

Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils – wider outcomes (e.g. independence)



Target date

To improve attendance and behaviour of pupils attracting PP

Fewer behaviour incidents recorded for these students

Robust and supportive behavioural intervention plans to be in place for these students.

Overall attendance for students eligible for PP to improve to the school target of 97%

July 2020

To increase student independence with travel

Travel training

Travel ambassador award scheme

Work on supergoals

July 2020

Opportunities for healthy living through sports

Break time coach

PE lessons at Cleeve Park School

Outdoor learning

Swimming for year 7

July 2020

Projected spending


September 2020

Teaching priorities for current academic year


Evidence of impact

Target date


14 months progress between October- July

April 2020

July 2020


Maths mastery impact demonstrated through regular low stakes testing and progression through B Squared

April 2020

July 2020

Maths and STEM

Specifically designed test

Progression through B squared assessments

April 2020

July 2020

Targeted academic support for current academic year



English mastery programme

Accelerated reader

small group Maths

Small group English

Off timetable STEM days

One of activity days links to the Crest award scheme/ londons success for schools programme and CMS curriculum

Small group Speech and language

One to one or small group interventions on areas of development as identified by professionals

Small Gp OT

Small group Speech and language

One to one or small group interventions on areas of development as identified by professionals


Projected sending


Wider strategies for current academic year



Action Your Potential

Metacognitive Learning


Supergoals  skills builder  EHCP

Boxal profile

Zones of regulation       Skills Builder

Projected spending


Monitoring and implementation



Mitigating action


Ensuring enough time is given over to allow for staff professional development

Use of INSET days and additional cover being provided by senior leaders

Targeted support

Ensuring enough time for school English lead to support small groups , ensuring effective and knowledgeable TA support is used

Free up timetabled time for key staff

Paired observations

Training for TA

Explore Read write Inc


Wider strategies

Enough time to plan and deliver new programme of civic activity

Lead teacher now supported by two assistants