Online Safety and Information Guides


The National Online Safety website is a great place to look to learn about what your children can be exposed to Online, enabling you to make informed decisions about their internet access.

Here are some of the weekly guides they create and below them are some helpful links to other organisations : 

Parent Controls Android Parent Controls - iPhone TikTok Apple Guided Access NOS  
Grooming Parents Guide September 2018 Mental Health Social Media 2019 NOS COD2019 E4 01 NOS YouTube April Guide NOS Tumblr May 19
Sexting Parents Guide Oct 2018 Skin Betting Guide What children need to know about online bullying 1 WhatsApp Parents Guide  Xbox XS
Home Learning WhatsApp  Rec Room Guide  NOS TikTok  Roblox 
Age Ratings March 19 Cyberbullying 1 Discord Guide May 2019 Fortnite Chapter 2 Fortnite Parents Guide 051218


Some other useful site for advice and guidance on online safety are: