Wellbeing Links

resoursesThe number of people reporting mental health difficulties is on the increase and has risen significantly in the last year due to the pandemic and the significant life changes that all of us have had to adapt too.

During these difficult times it feels so important to remind each other of the need to reach out and talk and support those who need it the most.

Here is a list of brilliant services nationwide and local dedicated to supporting all of us during these unprecedented times.



  • Brilliant website for young people and those who support young people experiencing mental health concerns. Lots of advice and guidance relating to lockdown and managing anxiety around Covid-19


  • No Panic supports those who experience panic attacks OCD, Phobias and other related anxiety disorders.


  • Local support for those living with mental health conditions. Over 18’s service, for children and young people look at the young minds website.


  • Check out Bexleyvoice for mental health support groups including (Crisis Café 6pm-10-pm) and Tea and Talk workshops for parents/carers of children with special needs.


  • 24 hour advice and support if you need to talk. Someone will always listen.


  • Offer support for young people or for anyone worried about a young person who may be thinking about suicide


  • 24-hour helpline 0800 1111 support for under 19’s call, email or chat online for any concerns.


  • Support affected by those experiencing domestic abuse.


  • Support for parents who think their child may have an eating disorder or for people experiencing eating disorders.