Student Roles and Responsibilities

School Council * Wellbeing representatives * Classroom leaders * Site representatives * Anti-Bullying representatives * Eco representatives * Lunchtime Leaders * Online Safety Representatives

School Council

School council members represent their class mates. At each meeting they discuss things that are happening at school. The school council has a chance to say what they think about decisions made by the school leadership team and help to improve the school. School council members can raise issues that their class mates have discussed and things that they want to do to improve the running of the school. It is the duty of the school council member to take information back to their form groups.

Wellbeing representatives

Wellbeing Reps support the school to make sure that students have the information and resources they need to be able to stay well and remain happy. This includes looking at useful mental health lessons and activities that students can take part in. Wellbeing reps can also discuss any concerns about stressful elements of school life to make sure that school is as supportive as it can be.

Classroom leaders

The classroom leaders take an important role in the running of the classroom. It is their duty to support the teacher with organising classroom resources and materials such as pens, pencils, books, scissors, text books and other materials. The classroom leaders help to give out and collect in everything that is needed in the lesson. A good classroom leader will see what is needed and give it out before being asked.

Site representatives

Our school site representatives work alongside our Site Manager to ensure that the school is as smart and tidy as possible at all times. This may entail litter and tidying duties, but also leading through modelling and monitoring of other students around the site. Site representatives will also support the school in making decisions about changes and updates to the school site.

Online Safety representatives

Our online safety group work alongside our IT teachers and network team to ensure all safety measures are in place. They also take an important role in updating other students on how to stay safe online.

Anti- Bullying representatives

Anti-bullying reps are elected by the class for their ability to support other students. Anti- bullying reps are here to make sure that the school is doing everything that it should to prevent bullying. That includes teaching about bullying through activities and lessons, supporting students who have been bullied and using the behaviour system to deal with bullying behaviour. Anti-bulling reps help the school to be the safest and happiest place it can be.

Eco representatives

Eco representatives work on Eco projects in the school to ensure that we are able to gain our Eco Award and keep it. This supports the school to be as environmentally aware as possible and to avoid waste as much as we can. Our Eco reps also support us with our Outdoor Education programme making sure that we have lots of fun activities which link us to our local environment.

Lunchtime Leaders

Our lunchtime leaders support the school to make sure that break and lunch time run smoothly. This includes supporting staff in the running of the canteen and looking at ways of making the lunchtime arrangements more effective. The lunchtime leaders also importantly make sure that all of the sports equipment for break and lunch are put out, collected in and stored properly. Lunch time leaders can request equipment order also.