School Vision and Ethos

Here at Cleeve Meadow, our ultimate aim is to ensure we drive educational standards through the provision of outstanding teaching, leadership and learning for all. We believe in the power of collaborative working and we actively promote school-to-school support. Our leaders focus on student progress and attainment, and regularly share knowledge, insight and experience throughout the TKAT family.

Our Core Purpose

To prepare students for their life journey enabling them to reach their potential to be confident, independent, thoughtful and ambitious young adults.

Our Vision

Providing an excellent holistic education, building knowledge, skills of communication and skills for life. Carving pathways to the future through learning and life opportunities

Our Values

  • Positivity       
  • Empowerment
  • Wellbeing

TKAT is committed to providing outstanding teaching and learning to enable all students to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. We want to ensure that the life chances of all students in all our Academies are significantly improved as a result of our educational provision. 

TKAT believes in:

  • raising educational standards of progress and achievement
  • exceptional teaching and leadership
  • outstanding professional development
  • effective support from the Centre and school-to-school
  • innovation and problem-solving

Working within the TKAT group of schools, Cleeve Meadow will aspire to excellence allowing all students to realise their potential and improve their quality of adult life. It will:

  1. Have high aspirations and expectations for all its students and an underlying conviction that they will succeed.
  2. Implement a specialised curriculum with outstanding teaching and pastoral support which will facilitate progress in all areas of learning
  3. Offer an outstanding range of facilities
  4. Equip its students to live full, independent lives ready to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  5. Establish a centre of excellence providing support and training special and mainstream schools in the region.
  6. Effectively engage with parents, carers and relevant professionals

 1) High levels of progress and achievement in all areas of learning

  • The majority of students to make above expected progress in the core subjects
  • 100% of students in training, education or employment after leaving school

2) For students to become independent and socially competent adults with good emotional wellbeing and the confidence and skills to play a positive role in society

  • 100% of students to be able to access qualifications suited to their learning at the end of KS4 and 5
  • 100 % of students are able to participate in a particular activity or extra -curricular activity
  • 100% of parents and students are satisfied with the school and would recommend it to others

3) The school will become a centre of excellence

  • 100% of teaching will be good or better
  • The school will be outstanding in its Ofsted judgement.