Ukraine - Useful link from TKAT

3 March 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we face another scary world event we understand the impact this can have on your child and how it can generate fear and anxiety for families .
The news about Ukraine may filter down to children through radio TV and social media and playground conversation in different ways and it is so hard to ever know what information they are hearing or how helpful it is.

Here are some links to help support parents and carers in talking to children about the world and how to cope and manage when we hear about distressing events.

Remember it is very important to highlight the kindness of people all around the world that are concerned for Ukraine and are doing all they can to help and stand up for what they believe is wrong. And we are hearing some wonderful stories of families in Poland and Romania and Moldova helping those seeking safety.

Please have a look at this information that may help to explain. There is a Newsround link included.

I  have also attached a social story to help manage anxiety when we are hearing worrying events on the news. If necessary please do find a quiet time and share with your child.

Best Wishes

Cherie Hughes