Parental Engagement

Please see below for the dates of upcoming events for parents to attend: 

Date Workshop Hosted by
Monday 22nd November 2021 Year 10 Settling in Evening Paul Mansbridge
Monday 6th December 2021 Occupational Therapy Coffee Morning Jo Lillis (Occupational Therapist)
Wednesday 8th December 2021 Autism and Anxiety Workshop Dean Beadle (Autism Specialist)
Wednesday 12th January 2022 Mental Health Awareness Workshop Pascale Berthellet
TBC Accelerated Reader Coffee Morning Tracy Simmons (Literacy Specialist)
Thursday 3rd March 2022 Diagnosis Sharing Autism/ADHD Coffee Morning Paula Smith        Cherie Hughes
Thursday 21st April 2022 Online Safety/Parental Controls Workshop Paul Mansbridge
Wednesday 4th May 2022 Yoga Coffee Morning Paula Smith
Friday 10th June 2022 Numeracy and Dyspraxia Coffee Morning Kirsty Hawkins