A.C.E programme (A champion for every child)

A.C.E Tutors for Pupil Premium students - Cleeve Meadow Pilot

Pupil Premium project Jan 2021- July 2021

The role of the A.C.E Tutors is to be the advocate for students who may otherwise struggle in silence, for students who may be juggling an array of responsibilities, for students who may just need someone to believe in them.

This type of support is valuable because:

  • It provides bespoke support for students’ individual needs
  • A.C.E Tutors can unpick student issues in the classroom and any barriers to learning.
  • Targeted support can be arranged for students who need academic intervention 
  • It means that support for students can be signposted before small issues develop into bigger issues.
  • It develops relationships with Pupil Premium families who may be difficult to reach
  • It increases parental engagement 
  • It forms part of schools’ attendance strategies by developing a strong relationship between home and school
  • It gives students a voice in school
  • It can provide aspiration for students who may not have had such direction before

A.C.E Tutor Project Pilot for Pupil Premium students 

January 2021- July 2021


To poverty proof the school and improve the long term academic and life chances of students who are pupil premium.


Each child on the Pupil Premium register has a named member of staff who makes a weekly phone call to the family and meets the student for at least 15 minutes a week.

Through this approach the ambition tutor develops a working relationship with parents and the student in order to be able peel away any barriers to learning. The ambition tutor works with the student to identify goals and interests as well as looking at aspects of their life and learning that are holding them back.


  • Students are tracked through a range of measures including:
  • Attendance 
  • Accelerated Reader
  • (English writing score  Maths score) – not currently in use 
  • Behaviour
  • Engagement in learning
  • IMPACT ED tracking questionnaire 
  • Conversation tracking document

Findings so far….. (March 2021)

  • Uniform and equipment concerns are easily sorted- school to future proof off timetable days so that students do not have issues with fancy dress costumes, Christmas jumper day etc
  • Some internet problems at home- need to make allowances for homework if using google classroom.
  • Issues with resources at home such as baking equipment and books- special libraries to be set up
  • 4 families with food issues- now trialling a budget exercise with one parent to support applying for benefits and look at managing outgoings
  • Students with specific interests such as mechanics, cooking, music need to be catered for by the curriculum, in terms of looking at Careers days and links in the community
  • Student Super Goals have been reviewed in order to assist in providing clear pathways for students, this will impact on our careers and enrichment curriculum.
  • Some families have been reluctant to engage- only one family who has been invited to engage has chosen not to.
  • IMPACT ED tracking and has thrown up some interesting ideas around goal setting. We are starting to use the ideas in the surveys to structure how we break down Super Goals into smaller chunks in order to set much shorter term targets