Literacy at Cleeve Meadow

At Cleeve Meadow School we strive we encourage progress in Literacy by adopting a cross-curricular approach, developing reading and writing opportunities in all subjects. Students participate in class discussions which enables practice of their communication skills, specifically listening and responding to others. This is enhanced by our participation in the Skills Builder Programme and Philosophy for Children approach which is delivered specifically through RE lessons but also can be used to structure any discussion activity.

We are working on raising the profile of reading across the school by introducing appropriate and stimulating texts to morning reading sessions with tutors, through discreet reading lessons and expanding the school's participation in the Accelerated Reader programme through an improved range of texts in the library.

Vocabulary building

At Cleeve Meadow we recognise that vocabulary is a huge predictor of how far children from any background will succeed at school and beyond. The words they know will help them to read, understand, gain new perspectives, and change or confirm their world view. The words they use will give them precision, clarity, nuance, as well as being used to judge them in exams, and in life.

This is why we have a shared mission to build the vocabulary of our students. Every two weeks we introduce 10 words. Many of these words will be known to students, some they will know but not be able to spell, others may be new Tier Two words (Tier Two words are high-frequency words for mature language users which are used in a range of subjects). Students will be introduced these words through English lessons but will also have the opportunity to practice through tutor time, reading lessons, subject lessons, games, homework and in class discussion activities. Please see our vocabulary lists.