Media Club

Watch this space for videos that have been designed, directed and produced by the students in our media group. 

What the students say about the Media Club....

Chloe - We are doing animation, using the drawing tablets, currently with an Easter theme. I made my own cute pictures using different pen styles and colours.

Logan - We are drawing on different platforms, like Photoshop! Sometimes we help with school presentations by making animations! We have also made a fake movie trailer. I like to be creative and let loose my imagination.

Testing out the Green Screen and Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects:

Learning the basics of animation - creating GIFs using Adobe Photoshop and layers:

(Click on image below to view animation)

Caution: Contains flickering images

skull jack

skely my telly Logan

mashmello chloe


Below - Experimenting with graphics tablets in the Media Club!