Skills Builder Gold Award

25 June 2021

We are pleased to announce that Cleeve Meadow have been awarded the gold award by the Skills Builder programme.

Thank you for being such a great partner over the last year. Following your final Strategy Meeting and our internal assessment and review process, I’m delighted to share that you have achieved a Skills Builder Gold Award this year.

This is a significant achievement and puts you in a select group of schools and colleges who have demonstrated their effectiveness in building the essential skills of their students.”

The Skills Builder programme is designed to develop students’ skills in 8 key employment skills- including teamwork, presentation, listening, problem solving and staying positive. There are 3 awards bronze, silver and gold. 

The Gold award is given for those modelling best practice in high-quality essential skills education and where:

  • Schools have fully embedded the Skills Builder Principles
  • All teachers will be confident educators of essential skills
  • Essential skills education will be fully integrated into daily practice

 At Cleeve Meadow, Skills Builder underpins all of our learning, our clubs and off-timetable days, including our wonderful Escape Room and Taskmaster days - where students covered a wide range of the Skills in just one day - this was particularly impressive as it was during our blended learning period and took place both at home and in school with great results. 

As a school we are so proud of the work the students have put into the Skills Builder activities and are delighted that this hard work has been recognised with the gold award. 

We have been accepted onto the Skills Builder programme for next year and can’t wait to continue and extend the fantastic work.

We are confident that this will help students develop skills for life and will dramatically improve their employability as adults. This is going to be especially beneficial as we have our first KS4 class starting their qualifications next year. 

Mrs Nobbs

Skils Builder